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Chris Paterson
Chris Paterson
on Drainage Systems
Marketing Manager

Chris is the Marketing Manager for Allproof Industries where he has been maintaining technical documentation and literature for 5 years. He draws upon a wealth of knowledge by working closely with a team of experts across the plumbing, drainage and passive fire categories. Chris aims to further specifier and installer understanding while also providing solutions to complexities within the NZBC and applicable building standards.

27 September 2021

Level Threshold Doesn’t Need to be Difficult

Specifying a level entry doesn't need to be complex or result in compromises to functionality, performance or aesthetics. 

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26 July 2021

What is Passive Fire Protection?

Passive Fire Protection has a large role to play in protecting buildings occupants as we increasingly turn to urban intensification.

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28 June 2021

When and Where Do You Need a Floor Waste Drain?

This month's blog post addresses NZBC E3/AS1 Amendment 7 2020/21 covering common scenarios that can be affected.

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24 May 2021

Five Factors to Consider When Specifying Stormwater Drainage Systems

The primary objective of NZBC Clause E1 Surface water is to “Safeguard people from injury or illness, and other property from damage”. There are many elements which contribute towards this objective. Outlined are five key factors to consider when selecting the appropriate products for the job.

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27 April 2021

Why Specify a Tile Over Shower Tray?

Understanding the benefits of a stainless tile over tray and if it's the right solution for your project.

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22 February 2021

Designing Residential External Surface Drainage Systems in Compliance with E1/AS1 and E2/AS2

A short guide to designing an external surface water drainage system that protects dwellings from moisture while maintaining visual consistency and high performance.

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