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Vivid Slimline SS Collection by Phoenix: Metals with Greener Manufacturing

Sustainability is front of mind at Phoenix Tapware. And the company is passionate about approaching sustainability by considering not only water consumption with its 6 Star WELs rated tapware, but also looking at the composition of each component throughout the design and manufacturing process.

That’s why Phoenix have introduced 'greener' metals into their products via the launch of the new Vivid Slimline SS collection, which is made from stainless steel. The products in this collection use less energy to manufacture, and in turn, require less energy to operate, creating a closed loop of sustainability from creation to the end user.

About Vivid Slimline SS

A year in development, the new collection, which comes with a lifetime warranty on the finish, went through a rigorous testing and manufacturing process. The R&D team conducted corrosion testing on various grades of stainless steel, including 304, before deciding to proceed with the higher marine-grade 316, which provides extra years of life and usage where harsh elements are present.

Like the ever-popular Vivid Slimline collection, Vivid Slimline SS has a refined, slender profile with an added elegant, extended pin lever, delivering stunning architectural design while standing up to tough coastal conditions.

The stainless steel finish on the Vivid Slimline SS collection comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning the products have a long-life cycle and won’t need to be replaced — this in turn makes them more environmentally friendly.

The ‘greener’ properties of steel

Steel is one of the most durable and accessible materials available. But that’s not the best part — the fact that steel is 100% recyclable makes it a much more sustainable material to work with. When steel is produced, it has an infinite life cycle. It may reach the end of its life in a specific product or building, but it can be fully recovered and reused afterwards, resulting is less environmental impact.

Sustainability at Phoenix

Phoenix is passionate about creating products of high quality, longevity, and durability and has a comprehensive system in place to recycle as much as possible including shavings and off cuts.

All showers and tapware at Phoenix have been awarded a WELS rating, tested for hydraulic strength, water tightness, torque of joints and components endurance. Tests include turning the taps on and off around 50,000 times and changing the water temperature from hot to cold and back again every 55 cycles. Many of the products have been awarded a 6 Star WELs rating for water efficiency and are certified to meet the strict Watermark regulations.

Award-winning reputation

Phoenix products are consistently recognised by industry design awards in Australia and overseas, and the company has won seven iF Design Awards, six Good Design Awards and seven Red Dot Design Awards including the ‘Best of the Best’ for the Axia collection — an internationally renowned seal of approval for good design and high quality, which you can view in this luxury bathroom project.

Contact Mico Design [email protected] for more info or find Phoenix's BIM content online here

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